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September 1, 2020

In a time where the state of the arts is ever more fragile, it is important to be reminded of the profound benefits of choral singing. It is well understood that music, in general, contributes to our emotional, physiological, and spiritual well-being. But what about choral music specifically? What if I told you that choral music could have an impact on our biochemistry, affecting areas including stress, social bonding, and our immune response? In the midst of a global health crisis where the fate of near-future singing is uncertain, discussing the biochemical benefits of choral singing is an essential concept. 


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Nick's unique approach to choral rehearsal emphasizes the individual experience through music making. The process of crafting a musical performance can be tedious and exhausting. Through the choral rehearsal process, first and foremost, we must enjoy it. Every rehearsal should provide a safe space for emotional expression and social connection. Through Nick's energetic, engaging, and passionate direction, he strives to make each rehearsal full of positive vulnerability and abundant joy. 

Children's Choir

Coro de Niños is an after-school program run by the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus. It features kids from 3-5th grade from both Spanish and English speaking homes. Instruction is done mostly in Spanish. Music is done primarily in Spanish, and reflects a wide variety of cultures and styles. Here is a video of Nick (Director) rehearsing a number from the Children's Choral Suite. 

Music Direction 

Junie B. Jones is a bright and inspiring story of a young girl, as she adventures thought the trials and tribulations of elementary school. Here's a clip of Story of My Life featuring Allie Grace, Jesús Barajas, Alex Papanstasopoulos, Jono Mammel, Katie Snyder, and Olivia Belfie. Done at Timber Lake Playhouse with Music Direction by Nick. 

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